(2016-05-27) Green apple

Today Gary happily make green apple purees for Leticia. He steam the apple and then blend the apple. It become a “light green concentrated juice” which looks weird to me. But guess it’s too close to nap time so Leticia did not take it well. Let’s try it again soon

(2016-05-21) Brown rice day

It’s brown rice day. I find it useful to cook the brown rice using the Tiger food jar instead of a rice cooker, I might be abusing it in the wrong manner, but it enabled me to cook the rice soft and keep warm till Miss Ong is ready to eat it.

Today Miss Ong only eat sightly over 10ml of brown rice. πŸ™


p/s: Is cf becoming too boring? All she talks about is what the baby is eating for the day. Parenthood. Motherhood. πŸ™



  • I got out from the project by unwillingly admitting to my incompetency of staying on and improved it.
  • I give in to formula milk by accepting my supply is too low
  • I get to cook some food which Gary have no choice but eat them πŸ˜›
  • I have been very lazy in updating my blogs

(2016-05-15) Green apple

Today is green apple day. Gary makes Celery and Green Apple juice for himself, hoping to lower his blood pressure. Decided to make some green apple juice for Leticia as well. She seem to like it, but as usual, spit out after taking just a bit. Maybe she still not used to drink anything other than milk?

I can smell milk through her mouth πŸ˜› It means I didn’t brush her gum hardworking enough…

(2016-05-13) Brown rice + Pear

Enjoying my leave for the day, although I started it with some minor task for office work.

Get to cook brown rice for Leticia to try out again.

This round, the brown rice isΒ much lesser than the past few rounds, and I blend it without mixing with any milk, so it’s pretty thick. But she seem to be able to take it well.

After that, Gary blend some pear for her. Seems like she like the pear better than brown rice.

(2016-05-09) Brown rice again

Today I tried another approach to feed Leticia brown rice, seem like she like this approach better.

I soak the brown rice in water for almost 20 minutes and then cooked it in the tiger thermal food jar given by Jan over the night.

By the time I fed her, it is more than 12 hours and the porridge is very soft and fat, but still a bit too big for the toothless queen to eat. I then blend the lukewarm brown rice porridge in the blender and make it puree form. Not sure if it’s because we are simply lucky that she’s in a good mood or she really like this, but she looks quite happy waving her limbs around while I’m feeding her. But I stop after the second time she ‘spit’ water. She didn’t show any sign of displeasure, but I do not want to overfed the milk monster with water, even though she is over 6 months.