(2016-05-09) Brown rice again

Today I tried another approach to feed Leticia brown rice, seem like she like this approach better.

I soak the brown rice in water for almost 20 minutes and then cooked it in the tiger thermal food jar given by Jan over the night.

By the time I fed her, it is more than 12 hours and the porridge is very soft and fat, but still a bit too big for the toothless queen to eat. I then blend the lukewarm brown rice porridge in the blender and make it puree form. Not sure if it’s because we are simply lucky that she’s in a good mood or she really like this, but she looks quite happy waving her limbs around while I’m feeding her. But I stop after the second time she ‘spit’ water. She didn’t show any sign of displeasure, but I do not want to overfed the milk monster with water, even though she is over 6 months.

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