(2016-04-03) Hot Day

Today is a hot day.

All of us didn’t have a good night sleep because Miss Ong is grouchy all night and constantly wake up wanted to feed but rejecting my nursing. 🙁 *worry*

Did you have ‘nipple confusion’ or think that my flow is too slow and get impatient? *worry*

But apparently you are in a better mood in the day. We had a proper lunch today, for once. You remain pretty patient in the stroller during our lunch and we managed to finish the meal without standing up to push you around, for once. I wish you remain good mood in future next time when we go out, hope it’s not too much to ask for. Let’s try to see which way works better for you.

Thanks for being my daughter, little princess. You are such a devil and yet is a angel to us. =) I am totally into Leticia cult.

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