(2016-03-20) Happy 5th month

Dear Leticia,

Time flies with your presence.

Remember when you are still in mummy’s tummy, we count your “age” by weeks, after you popped, we count you by days… and then weeks again. Today you have make it to the 5th month marking, we managed to survive through each other, I think Daddy plays a very important part and he did a good job, till date.

You had learnt how to crawl finally, and today you dropped on the floor again and cry out loud. Mummy’s heart ache so much and worry but you did a good job in showing mummy how strong you are – just cry a short while and get back being your old self. I know I can’t relax just like that and need to monitor you. Sorry. Sorry mummy can’t be your side all the time as I need to work. Working in my current project is not easy and having to go onto the new project is not helping.

Thank you.

Mummy grew up in Singapore with most of the relatives in Malaysia, so mummy didn’t really get to interact with other babies much before. Mummy is glad you survive through mummy’s way of bring you up and bring so much joy to mummy. Every smile you smile at mummy melts my heart. I’m grateful that you are healthy till date (except for the cough you caught recently) and hope you will remain and get healthier as you grow older.

Please do not blame mummy for not spoiling you like your grand parents as someone need to tell you what is right and what is wrong. How can you make other’s life easier instead of just building your joy on top of other’s misery. If a grandparent’s mission is to spoil you, mummy’s mission is to stop you from being a spoil brat. Mummy is very scare she will fail and let go of you, so please hold on tight to mummy’s hand and do not let her down, ok?

Be strong. Be happy. My dear girl. Once again, happy 5th month.



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