(2016-02-25) I’m sick

I am officially sick – running nose whole day and sore throat.

Brought LO to mum’s home before I went to the clinic.

Don’t dare to stick too close to LO or play “eat her” – although I know the breastmilk should contain the antibodies but it doesn’t mean I can’t spread it to her through too much “face-time” contact. Sort of miss playing with her and making her smile.

Mum tried to carry her, but she look at mum for a while, then start crying, mum says LO can now recognised others and she can’t recognised her 外婆. Oh no. Hope she won’t cry at 奶奶 else we will have a difficult time soon.

Hope I can recover sooner so I can play with her more and bring her back to mum’s place more often.

p/s: In case you wonder why I so “side hearted”, going back to your mum’s place weekly is a must, but my parents only get to see LO once every few weeks… I just wish to keep a balance here.

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