(2016-01-09) First weekend after back to workforce


I was tired like mad today.

Can’t focus well on my official first week back to office for the whole week as well.

Never realised it is so challenging for me – one who is used to sleep very little hours, to survive daily routine due to deprive of sleep.

Fell asleep while feeding her halfway this evening again… T______T


Was reading Sis’ blog and come across the post that there is 50% off Domino’s Pizza with the below Promo Code when ordering online:
For Large Pizza: TIN21A
For Extra-large Pizza: TIN21B

So I decided to have something different (ever since baby popped, we have been having weekend brunch and dinner at the coffee place near my house) today and order Pizza, of course it needs to come with my favourite Chocolate Lava Cake.

Guess what? I placed the ordered around 4pm and put the expected delivered time to be 6pm, since Gary want to have early dinner and then get his share of timeout (actually I thought I would need it more than him?!!), but at 6pm, the online delivery status system still reflected it as “preparing for delivery”. I received a call shortly that informed me the pizza is just sent out and to compensate me for that, it will be complimentary.

Haha, it was sort of a pleasant surprise to me as I was still pretty full at 6pm and who don’t like free food? Recently read on facebook that friend complain about Domino’s Pizza on some hiccups about his advance order via online and I was just expecting them to give me the as usual “We are late so you will get X% off from your purchase” discount card, but apparently they decided to make me a happy customer by giving their best compensation.

Thank you and good job in updating me.


I no longer can play anymore. Sort of regrets for having her so early. Thus I make her my toy. Haha. After the second month I got quite immune to her crying so I always leave carrying her as my last resort. Instead, I talk to her, sing to her or even imitate her crying in attempt to make her stop. Sometimes I go to the extend of “bullying” her as my play, like making riceball face on her. It’s fun, just a bit lonely. I miss my playing in the good old time – clubbing, attending event, traveling.

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