Our 2016: Day 360

This is the second boxing day which we are staying together, and this time with a new family member.

Avelyn came over to visit us, and also collect her Christmas presents. 🙂 She also gifted me another pair of socks to help me get rid of the water retention. Thanks Dearest! Although you are not aware of this blog!

Our little princess is quite grouchy and didn’t sleep a lot for the day, she just fell asleep moments before I write this post.

This Christmas is “especially quiet” although we have a noise maker at home, other than baby crying sound, we do not even greet each other “Merry Christmas!” like in the past. I feel so…

I wish we will have a more “happening” and interesting year next year. Parenthood makes my life so busy but boring 🙁

I shall not complaint too much, because I know clearly that before I knew it, little princess will become a “big princess”, and she will not want to be part of my boring life in few years time. Time really flies with a baby in your life, if you think you need something to fill up your life, get a baby.

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