The process (Part 1)

Finally, after the long wait and disturbing  queries from concerned family, friends, colleagues and even confinement nanny, Princess Leticia is born!

Do not read further if you feel gross (though I realised delivery is a gross process)

19th Oct 2015
Around 8+pm: went to toilet and saw something like mucus plug. Previously had Googled on how to differential mucus plug vs virginal discharge, apparently it is usually pinkish/brownish in color.
For my case, it’s pinkish, but the discharge amount is very little so I just ignore it and go back to watch my tv/eat my dinner, continuing to experience my irregular mild contraction on and off.

Around 11.30pm: went to brush teeth and prepare to sleep. Realised i discharged a “lump” of pinkish mucus plug. But since the contraction is still not very strong. I go back to my Facebook surfing and proceed to sleep.

20th Oct 2015
Around 4.20am: it’s been a long time since I can go toilet after almost 4 hours of sleep, usually I will be awake around every 2-3hours to pass urine (sad life of a preggy). Stomach feel weird. I felt like passing motion but no result. Next moment, I saw blood. For a moment, I thought it’s my piles and feel quite annoyed. Why of all times…? But to be sure, I checked again and realised it’s from eh… the front. Holy shit! This is the bloody show!! And I managed to discharged quite a big lump of them (I always wanted to ‘document’ these ‘medical experiences’, but end up finding them too gross and didn’t proceed to take photos like how others managed to). After googling (again!!), decided that since I do not have super strong contraction, and waterbag is still in tact, I shall wait till the checkup in the morning (having a 8.30am appointment).

Around 6+am: felt something gushed out and indeed, more blood. Wonder if today is the day? So excited… finally… but I begin to feel very weird and uncomfortable. After showering, quickly check to ensure Gary have woke up, and tell him that I have the symptom of delivery. We decided to “pack light” and only bring the “labour bag” to clinic in case is false alarm, but seeing me in pain, he called a cab and we quickly rush down. On the way to hospital, tried to eat bread to distract myself but failed.

Around 8.30am: finally reached clinic and told the nurse about my condition, she quickly bring me to level 2 for the CTG checking.

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