Our 2015: Day 292


Since I decided not to response to other’s whatsapp, plurk and facebook on the golden questions, I don’t have much things to do.

Slept till almost 10.40am before I decided to drag myself for “breakfast”… shortly after breakfast, I went back to sleep.


It’s so shiok to sleep like a pig.

Dragged myself to wake up around 4pm for “lunch” and finally settle for some sinful “糯米鸡” (glutinous rice chicken)… I want to rant! A very ungentleman guy actually cut shamelessly my queue buying the same item… giving me the innocent look, he think I stand there for what?!?! So pissed off I purposely say out very loud in mandarin “Shameless! A man cutting a woman’s queue.” but he pretend he didn’t hear, and annoyingly, the staff from the store just give me the blur look while continuing serving him. *Angry*.

Today the stomach has been very busy moving, I hope it’s almost the day. Not sure if it’s my imagination, seem to see a bit of mucus plug, but since the aching and pain is bearable, I guess I will leave everything till tomorrow’s checkup to let gynae decide on what need to be done next?

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