Our 2015: Day 291


I finally found the question which is more irritating than the standard Chinese New Year Question: “When are you getting married?”.


What disturb me more than that is the same questions that was asked day over day, few times a day – more frequently than a pill reminder app which reminds me to eat medicine, is the question – “Have you given birth?”

As if I am not panic enough, I was asked the same questions over and over again, from people from Singapore (colleagues, relatives and friends) to Malaysia (Confinement nanny and relatives and friends)… it come to a point I find it so stressful that I need to tell them stop asking before I get angry. And as expected, with my lousy¬†relationship skill, friends find it so enjoyable to piss me off, that they refused to stop irritating me… so yah… I decided to ignored them on whatsapp, plurk, and facebook.


I do understand sometimes we will be curious on the ‘status’ of friends, but I don’t enjoy getting stress over something I am already VERY STRESS… so yah… if my dear girl decided to pop out, she will be out and I will share, if not, stop asking me the same old questions which I have no control over.

p/s: Watched a variety show which the guest actually shared she read from somewhere that natural birth is best for baby, as our waterbag served as a “cocoon” for the baby, and when the baby is ready and strong, she will naturally come out from the “cocoon” like a butterfly. So, I have no intention to induce baby unless it’s gynae advice, and so, don’t rush my dear… she need some time to develop her “strong wings”.

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