Our 2015: Day 289


One day before EDD. And there’s still no news.

Early morning confinement nanny called to check on status already… everyone is waiting impatiently…

In the noon, your sis also whatsapp me to check on the status, I can only reply that baby loves her waterbed, thus unwilling to come out.

Decided to walk more to help in delivery… so I proposed to go out meet you for dinner.

Zzz… end up, we meet super late, as usual you need to OT, and I clocked 5k+ steps from waiting for you. 🙁

The only satisfying thing for the day is: Managed to eat McDonald’s Samurai Burger and Seaweed Shaker Fries! Super happy!

You happened to meet CH and they joined us after their shopping at NEX and we get to chat a while.

Tiring night.

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