Our 2015: Day 288


Tiring day. Although I didn’t do much.

Morning wake up quite early to eat breakfast, fattening breakfast. Finally finished my Kopi-O… but my dear princess still refused to come out. After that busy catching up the Korean show – Tears of Heaven, which is currently showing on TV. Decided not to finish them too fast in case princess decided that I need to rest longer at home.

Attempted to cook lunch to finish the vegetables at home but realised the green leaves had all turned yellowish, so I decided to waste them and have fish fingers instead. Overcooked today, I am eating the man’s share of rice. *BURP*

After lunch and slacking a while – tried to do up my photobook but my design just sux big time. ARGHHH…. End up still didn’t managed to do anything, and I fell asleep soon after. LOL.

Initially wanted to go out around 3+ or 4pm, but I slept till 5pm!!! *Oink Ounk*~

After your work you da bao dinner home. Sort of like the pork rib rice you bought, it’s not those sweet sweet type, very yummy to eat 🙂

Did nothing the whole day. Went to bed quite early but still sleep quite late, cos of my afternoon nap? LOL

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