Our 2015: Day 287


It’s our 11th checkup since we signed the package… previously I was so confident that I will deliver early and we will ‘lugi'(lose out) on the package money but guess I am very wrong this round.

We attempted to have the appointment at 10am so we can sleep slightly later, but received a call on Tuesday to ask us to reach at 9am instead. As much as we try to wake up earlier… we still end up leaving house around 8.15am… end up, need to run after the cab. Not bad, it’s a pleasant surprise I still can run after the cab (just 3-4 metres distance though), but baby become super hyper after I got on cab.

After we reached the clinic, I need to go for the CTG (Cardiotocography) test – realised I did had contraction, and quite “frequently”, but unfortunately, the cervix is not opened yet, and baby head’s is not in optimum position. For some reason, Uncle Tham had a different reading for baby’s weight this round, the heaviest weight is even lighter than the previous checkup *scratch head*, so we all decided to wait for another few days to see if baby will decided to come out soon… and there is my next checkup arranged next week – at 8.30am! OMG! Uncle Tham + TMC really good business, I seriously doubt we can wake up in time then. But since we need to double confirm if baby is really in the ‘healthy (or rather, safe)’ weight range, and we need to queue for the scan at the hospital, guess we don’t have much choice.

After checkup, went to buy the ‘atas’ bread recommended by your mum… before we went for lunch.

After lunch, we went to Daiso, shopped a while before we decided to head home… once we reached home, I fallen asleep @ the sofa again. LOL. My most beloved furniture/asset of the house. After wake up, we had the bread which we bought from Taka, yummy… I feel that it’s better than those I tried in Asanoya @_@, and the price is even slightly cheaper. Hmm…

P/s: Doc & nurses say that I am having “real contraction”, but I am not aware of it, LOL, I told them I thought it’s braxton hicks (‘fake contractions’ which is meant to prepare our body for the real labour, but usually is not painful, infrequent, and irregular) :X


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