Our 2015: Day 286


Wake up quite early and after slacking for a while, I went back to nap… not realising I was so tired that I nappedĀ for another … almost 3 hours.

After that, I started to vacuum and mop the floor. Today I am slightly faster, probably because I have clear up more stuffs last round, or I more bo chap this round, or maybe baby is dropping further so I can bend down easier compare to last week?

It’s weird to be a FTM (first time mum), I google on all the weird stuffs to the extend I think my friends also cannot tahan me…

Today you are home early, with my filling dinner… guess I over ambitious again and you refused to finished the bo piah… actually, if not I want to take spicy food to stimulate baby, I might have just settled for 2x bo piah…but then again, the Qiji staff is weird, this is the first time I see a pc of bo piah cut into half instead of cut into 6x pieces… think they too busy?

Sleepy again.

Tomorrow we need to go checkup again… 11th visit so far, if baby delay anymore we will be charged for our 12th visit as it is not covered in our package. The nurse called to ask us to go early, earlier than ourĀ normal working hours… OMG! Hope we can wake up in time.

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