Our 2015: Day 285


Just another non-working day for me… had loads of dreams again but I forgotten all about it as soon as I wake up. Wake up to “send you out” to work (basically only open door and lock the door for you), and went back to sleep, till mum called to wake me up.

Don’t like the government hospital, her previous checkup does not have much conclusion so she need to go back for another round of checking again… in February 2016! Chat a while with her and she trying to ask me not to stress out because of what I was told few days back. 🙁 She also funny, she ask me to invite friends for ‘early session’ for the baby full month celebration, but I told her, doesn’t means I “want”, it will happened, everyone have their own schedule and they can’t follow what you “want”.

Slack for the whole day, trying to clear my mind off all the stress and worries by researching on DIY baby full month flavour. And my design, SUX BIG TIME. CMI… sort of give up.

Went out to run errand in the late evening but I only managed to clock 3k+ steps… maybe I need to walk more tomorrow. But I already feel significantly more tired than last week. OMG!!

Returned call to uncle at home when I saw his missed call, as expected, he is asking for my due date (seriously, I cannot understand why everyone ask me when is the due date, Miss Leticia is the mind stakeholder who will decide when the project is due, not me, if she don’t give the approval, who can decide when the project can be delivered?!!)… and I have a feeling, he will not listen to me. T___T How I wish I am not living in a traditional Chinese family; or I am still overseas so I have a more valid reason to “siam” all the hassle…

Anyway, need to force myself to be happy. Read on FB that a mummy with same EDD as me cried as the baby haven’t come out, and she is worried… I try to console her when I myself also feel like crying. LOL… so stress man, I never know that delivering a baby can be so stress, even to the last mile… and I can’t stuff myself with chocolates and chips and cakes and ice cream to destress, SAD right?

Nevermind… Jia you, Leticia! Jia you, CF! Jia you the always forgotten daddy of Leticia – Mr Gary 😛

You have been working OT a lot these days, guess you are trying to clear your work to welcome our deary, I almost ROFL when you are so sure Uncle Tham will be inducing Miss Leticia and confident that she will pop on the same day… Don’t forget she is manufactured by 2 (stubborn) “horse”, she sure have her own pattern and thoughts even when she is inside me =)

Anyway, no matter how eager I wish to see her, I think I am still not very well prepared – mentally and physically. God bless me, and wish everything will be smooth.

P/S: Dear, I really wish you will be much smaller than Uncle Tham estimation – one reason is for your safer delivery, the other is just to ‘slap him in the face’ for complaining your weight 😛


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