Our 2015: Day 274

Now is the counting down game.

Today we went for gynae checkup again… unfortunately, although the mummy ‘lost 1kg’ overĀ the past 2 weeks, darling still steadily gained around 400gms… still 300gms exceed of the average weight of a week 37 šŸ™ So the mummy decided to give up and start to eat her mooncake once she reached home *excuses*

Feel safe that the baby, although not yet engaged, still is in the correct position… after tomorrow, I will be on ML leave… and need to start clean up the house and prepare to welcome my dear darling to the world. I wish she can come out before her weight is unmanageable. Although JL and TS consoled me that there is a chance that baby is smaller than what gynea estimated, there is a 50% chance that baby can be bigger also… so I can just pray hard. Of course, to be safe, I still want her to be inside me till all her organs are fully developed, and of course, with the haze now, I prefer her to be inside me as I am theĀ only “infant mask” available for her.

Very tired so after we reached home, both of us dozed off… by the time I woke up, you have already prepared the dinner *HUGS* and I only need to eat.

Today I am the queen. WUAHAHAHA….Ā But today, the little princess also kicked me pretty hard a couple of times. Wonder if she preparing me?

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