Our 2015: Day 272 – Accident does happened

This morning, I must have been too tired from last night false alarm… when I bought the sweet from Guardian Pharmacy, I dropped the mask in my hand… and when picking it up, I lost my balance… even though I tried very hard to balance and pick myself up, but my legs just refused to listen to me today… so end up I still tripped and fell on my knees. Luckily a gentleman managed to pick me up before I fell flat on my face… and my tummy. He asked if I am alright, I can only answer ‘I’m fine’, and quickly walk to a corner, in order not to obstruct the morning crowd of people… still in shocked to feel anything, other than message you to tell you the accident.

After that I walked back to office, didn’t even realised my colleague was beside me.

Once I reached office, I quickly go into the toilet to clean up the little scratches on my knee… and talk to baby… I was sort of traumatise by myself that I nearly break into tear… as I was comforting Leticia, I guess I’m also comforting myself…

Initially I feel like going to a clinic immediately to check that I did not distress Leticia, but my ostrich mindset finally won over and I decided not to go to clinic (anyway, there is no clinic near the office and after work we still need to go to your parent’s place)…

Now I can only pray hard that everything is smooth and Leticia will be calm and everything will be fine on our Thursday checkup.

Dear Leticia… please do not keep moving so much as it scared me with the thoughts you are scared. Be good girl ok? Mummy will force herself to be more calm and slow down further in exchange for your good health.

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