Our 2015: Day 245 (My first birthday after we got married)

It’s my first birthday after we got married.

Nothing very special. We still work as usual… although a lot of friends thought we will go out as this will be “unfortunately” be the only birthday after our wedding that we can have “二人世界”… but you being you… LOL!!

Anyway, still work and OT as per usual, then go to your house for dinner as per usual (a practice formed after I got pregnant, in order for me to have more healthy food).

You didn’t eat much for dinner, and I thought is because you are worried of the after meal dessert fruits… was a bit surprise when you brought out a cake and celebrate my birthday with your mum. 🙂 Wasn’t expecting it… but still happy. Too tired thus we ‘chop chop settled’ and we went home, didn’t even get to take photos with you and your mum. =)


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