Our 2015: Day 249

Busy day.
Started with morning with our missed Lesson 4 make up lesson… it’s funny to hold the doll and learn the correct position of breastfeeding… Leticia keep kicking me during the session, maybe she is jealous =)?
After the lesson, we joined your parents for lunch. Pity the tea and coffee is not up to standard and your parents don’t seem to have a satisfying lunch.
Went to exchange the changing mattress after that, and we went to Comex 2015 for my belated Birthday present.
You have proposed to get a better lappy for me, but OH NO! I am infected with the mummy symptom! I decided to get a low end lappy as I consider the fact that it’s unlikely that I will have any freelance, and other than photo/video editing, I will not have much chance to play with the lappy.

Yah…. so I settle for the ‘cheapest’ laptop which is available.

Thanks a lot for the birthday present.

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