Our 2015: Day 241

After the tiring yesterday, I slept till quite late today. Good thing is… I can skipped the breakfast. Because by the time we stock take on the items we bought for our dear princess, took the train the Esplanade, detour our way a bit due to the F1 road closure, by the time we reached the eating place, it’s almost 2pm. Finished our lunch and took a hot and scary way to Suntec, I’m exhausted again. I think the extra weight I gained, and Leticia gained over this 32 weeks, really kill my 2  pig legs…

Still struggle to get into the fair but I am too tired to think, so most of the time I just follow you around. 🙁 Didn’t get to see the booths that give out freebies~ (I am cheapo!!)

We spend a bit of time at Spring as I was insisting to get the XL size compression socks but the staff there rejected me, insist I only need to take on the M size socks, so end up I didn’t get the tights as I do not feel safe… (@night, when I was trying the socks again, maybe she is right, a M or L is good enough for me as the 10-15mmHg compression socks is quite mild (probably because Preggers is really meant for preggy), compare to the previous 15-18mmHg compression socks I bought at the Cordlife talk show, it is much more comfortable and easier to put on. T__T

Anyway, end of the day Leticia is still the winner, she got another 1 pair of booties, 5 pairs of mittens, 6 more handkerchief, 3 more long sleeves romper (sorry they are ugly cos mummy got into panic attack when daddy is too near at the paying counter), 5 more body suits, 1 more kodomo shower bath… Poor daddy only have shares in paying… and having tea break (mummy is too tired so need to sit down but she cannot eat or drink cos of the ‘strict diet plan’)


p/s: End up end of the day, mummy is still as heavy and didn’t slim down at all. Hope Leticia did not accidentally gained any weight

p/s again: Haha… I complained TS broke my heart, cos when I told her Leticia is 2.2kg when she is 32 weeks, TS told me that is the birth weight of CN T___________T

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