Our 2015: Day 240

It’s the day when my office is moving to new location. Initially I thought everything is almost ready thus we only need to unpack in the Morning. Unfortunately, the tables are not even here yet! Let alone set up… so end up I need to leave the office to stroll when we are waiting for the tables to come because there are still quite a lot of drilling and hammering on the office – to settle the lights, the tables, etc….

After almost 2 hours of walking non-stop (unfortunately, my colleagues are all very healthy and enjoy walking), I’m back to the office only to find up there are more hammering to be done. So I gave up and walk out for my early lunch… despite being asked to ‘stay outside of the office and wait for the rest to go lunch’ by Mdm Amy Wan. End up after a lunch and lots of texting, the tables are not even half ready, so I end up walking around for almost another 1 hours to wait for the ‘you can come back’ updates. WHO KNOWS… this update is short lived as the tables are still not finished setting up yet and I finally give up and stay in the office to continue with my work, despite all the hammering and drilling sound which make Leticia keep jumping (wonder is due to excitement or annoyance *SIGH*)… Initially wanted to go Mummy fair after work to avoid the crowd, but by 4+, when J and MY asked me to go home… I was already totally exhausted that I really cant even bring myself to walk anymore and go straight home to rest (already clocked my 6000 steps for the day by noon, so what else to expect from a heavily – in terms of weight – preggy?)

One thing I find it very annoying and complained to the whole world except my colleagues is… M DID IT AGAIN!!! SHE TOUCHED MY TUMMY WITHOUT WARNING AND DIDN’T ASK ME FOR PERMISSION AS WELL! Super irritating. I hate it when people do this to me. JC joked and said I should touched her butt without warning so she will know how I feel. After some thinking, I really feel this ‘joke’ is really applicable. WE ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE AND YOU TOUCHED ME OVER AND OVER AGAIN, I FEEL SO MOLESTED… I wish to stay far far away from her but it’s almost impossible as I need to brief her on the system. God bless I will not throw her out of the window if she try to touch me again. Maybe I should just tell her how violated I felt so she can STOP touching others without permission.

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  1. Shuyun says:

    few weeks ago, I read an article that talked about this issue! If that colleague is in your facebook friend list, maybe you can share the link and make some comments about it. 😛

    let me go find the article then i send u. haha..

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