Our 2015: Day 236


Dear Leticia,

This morning I was on a crowded train again. Happened to board the standing cabin which only have 4 pathetic seats.

Guess what? I was thinking of walking to another cabin when an uncle tapped on me to give me his seat. I thanks him gratefully and seated down then realised the uncle is not that young after all. He looks like he is in his 60s and he deserved the reserved seat as much as I do. Very very pai sei….

I swear to myself that after you are delivered, if I happened to grabbed a seat, I must not be lazy and open my eyes big big to look out for those who need a seat and give them my seat, especially to the elderly. Some really earn my respect big time.

After work, on the way to meet SY, I was caught in a crowded train again. Once again, I have no seat, and no one offer their seats to me, all too absorb in their phones and whatever activities. A standing middle age gentleman saw me and tapped on the young guy in front of him to ask him to give up his seat to me. This time round, because it’s only a stop, so I didn’t take up the offer. I (try to be as politely as possible) rejected the seats, but feel as grateful… I am glad that although there are a couple of times I got knocked by stroller, cut queued by some rude and ‘healthy looking’ young passenger, pretended to be transparent by some mothers/father with their kids, I still get to have a seat offered by kind people (or forced to offer by kind people) from my late 2nd trimester onward.

Need to remind myself, remember the good from others.

Need to remind you, although mummy always don’t want you to be too kind, mummy wish that you will be a well-groom girl who know how to “give” to those in needs.

Be good, be kind, be gentle. But don’t get bully.



With love,

Contradicting mummy.


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