Our 2015: Day 229

Soon… soon… she will be meeting us through naked skin 🙂
We will be able to talk to her face to face, hear her cries, hold her hands…
It’s my 31st week… so fast. Another 6 more weeks and she will be fully developed… hope her weight will stable down and not develop too much though. ;p but guess no matter how, her being healthy is still most important to us.

Getting tired too easily and you seems worry. You keep on asking if I need to take a cab but I try to resist the temptation. Giving in is way too easy… but I will be moving even lesser and it’s both not economic and healthy to start this early. 6 weeks of peak hour cab?? No way!

I’m thankful for having a loving hubby and supportive one. No doubt our difference in view in certain things still frustrated me but overall I’m really thankful for everything that you sacrificed for us to come this far.

Of course… at times I also feel guilty about my job, unable to commit 100% like in the past. But having a life inside me force me practice that life is more important than work (yes, I know the theory long time ago)… and really force me to slow down my pace… in terms of living, and walking. :p I literally slow down my pace because of the weight and danger involved. At times I look at the mrt rush
and laugh at them, as I see myself as part of them just few months back. No matter how rush I get, the destination will not change, and it just frustrated me more especially things don’t work well according to my expectations.

My first lesson from her: Slow down. Take life easy.

P/S: At the same time, everytime we talk about pregnancy, we begin to appreciate our mum more.

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