Our 2015: Day 207

Third day without someone to bully.

No motivation to wake up to work.

But need to face reality so no choice.

Work is busy.

I feel very tired although I didn’t do a lot of work.

I started to ache although I didn’t walk much (lunch in with my dog food again)…

OMG. I am just in my 28 weeks…. On the negative side, how to survive another 12 weeks more? On the positive side, I am into my 3rd trimester and soon I will be able to see (and get torture with sleepless night and endless cries) my dear Leticia.

Looking forward to see Leticia….

Looking forward for you to come back.

Hope I can pass my blood sugar test, I tell myself, I will have a feast after that, but deep in my heart, I know I can’t let myself go loose till Leticia is out and safe. Suddenly appreciate our parents a lot… luckily your mum say you are a easy baby… I wish Leticia is as easy going as you. *Muack*

Need to make arrangement for our shoots. =) Jia you!!!

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