Our 2015: Day 205

Boring Saturday without someone to bully. So I wake up lazily … although quite early actually.
I know my colleagues wake up at 6.30am to work and I feel guilty towards them. But I do not wish to feel guilty towards Leticia, I would like her to rest more.

Struggled a while and decided to visit mum, nowadays time are split between work, baby preparation, visiting and… self-entertaining (but I can only enjoy being lazy at quite late time). It’s like 24 hours is too short to do everything. And I’m too lazy to do anything. Very tired.

Back to home… I’m back to doing now. Mum cook food for me and we almost managed to finish everything. Lol. I think I am too used to see my in-law’s whole table of food so it’s very relaxing to see mum simple and smaller portion of dish for the 3 of us (only dad, mum and me are having dinner together, sis and bro have own activities tonight).

After dinner, we just do nothing… initially I wanted to go NTUC to shop something then take bus home, so I tell them I want to go home around 9.15pm, but mum and dad are worry about me so they insist to send me home. It’s too troublesome to detour to NTUC so I was sort of blaming them for not letting me get the food I want to get for Sunday’s lunch/dinner a while. But seeing the 2 old folks, somehow I pity them. Someday Leticia will grow up and married out, will I behave like them?

Was home sort of early so I get to have a lot of me-time today. Cos really me and myself at home 😛

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