Our 2015: Day 200

So soon. Another 90 days to welcome our little one.
She have a English name – Leticia.
Leticia is derived from the Latin greeting laetitia – meaning “joy”, “gladness”, and “delight”.

It’s a super fattening day… OMG!

Afternoon went to your house, tried to control my diet in-take. But end up I still greedily drink some coke and ate the banana pancake your mum prepared. Yummy.

After that we went back to my house for my dad’s birthday celebration. OMG!!! Mum cooked so much food that I ate till nearly vomit. Long time did not feast like that since gynae “scolded” me for over-eating.

Think I need to control my diet till my next gynae appointment, cannot afford to failed my blood sugar test.

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