Our 2015: Day 181 – Day 4 of our Honeymoon + Babymoon + Your birthday celebration

Haha… last day of paradise.
Wake up at 6am in hope to see sunrise, but the sky is in total darkness.
So I went back to sleep and wake up by 6.30am, only realised the sky is in total brightness this round =.=”
Went for a quick breakfast again since we need to prepare and check out around 10am…

This time, we really order very little food. At least you are only eating minimal food for a buffet. We took another few quick shots of selfies and photos before we rush to pack our things and checkout… funnily, the buggy driver did not ring our door bell till 10.10am… only after I received a call before we are aware that the buggy driver can’t ring the bell as we have put up the ‘Do not disturb’ sign! T___T

Everything is rush through, interesting to get a ‘rate adjustment’ when the resort reduced a bit of the charges.
Pleasant surprise 1.

The taxi from resort to airport by meter is not that expensive as we thought… it’s a nice rate of slightly over IDR 105,000 I think, but the driver charge us IDR 120,000 which we have no problem with it.
Pleasant surprise 2.

The toilet in the airport is way cleaner than I expected, as clean as Singapore, or even better @_@
Pleasant surprise 3.

You didn’t managed to get free upgrade for Business Class this round, but I secretly feel happy to be able to sit beside you during our flight back.

At 3.45pm, we reached Singapore.

Good Bye Paradise.
Welcome back to reality.

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