Our 2015: Day 178 – Day 1 of our Honeymoon + Babymoon + Your birthday celebration

It’s Day 1 of our Honeymoon + Babymoon + Your birthday celebration.
When we were boarding, we realised you were secretly upgraded to Business Class by SIA… Alone T__T
Loving you asked me to take the Business Class consider that I am now preggy and it will be more spacious. But I decided against it since you have longer legs and need more leg room.
Luckily the flight is a short 2.5 hrs flight. Before I can finished watching the second show, we reached Bali.
The ‘authorised’ cab driver wanted to charge us 400,000 Rupiah (IDR 400,000) to send us from Airport to Resort, but we tell them it’s too expensive, so they cut down to IDR 250,000. Another ‘cab driver’ offer us IDR 200,000 and we followed him to the airport car park… only to discovered it is a private car… but a bit hard to back out now. Luckily we managed to reached the resort safely 😛

Got welcome with a welcome drink and a ‘rice sticking’ ceremony. No welcome dance though, perhaps it’s because it’s a bit late, almost 8pm, or slightly later?

The check-in process is a bit messy as although the reception people understand English, we still don’t understand each other English well enough… anyway, managed to settle everything somehow. The resort managed to arrange us to stay in a villa between the breakfast area and hotel lobby, so it’s not too much walking, anyway, they have buggy service to bring us to our 200+sqm villa ( more than 2 times bigger than our little 4-room flat in Singapore).

The room is nicely prepared, with some local fruits, which unfortunately, both of us are not adventurous to try them. And the bed neatly lay with nicely decorated bathrobes. Guess what, the bathtub is decorated nicely with roses petals and a stalk of rose (which is now dying in our Singapore living room), sooooooo romantic!

Was pretty full from the in-flight dinner, so we only snack a bit on the snacks we brought over with us from Singapore, watching the cable channel like mad and end our first day in Bali.

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