Our 2015: Day 125

Counting down for your return.
Perhaps a lot of people cannot understand why I didn’t go home to stay overnight for the week. One of the reason is there’s too much things to carry over with my pregnancy… I do not have any maternity wear at parent’s home, the other reason is perhaps I’m trying to learn to be independent. The more I am left with me-time, the more I appreciate our sahm who are left behind at home while our dad busy with their work and ‘life’.

Work is as busy so actually I don’t even have much time to pause and think much. Whenever I feel grouchy or moody I will remind myself I need to be happy to welcome our little princess. I started to imagine how she will looks like and how she will behave, what is her sleeping pattern? Will she drink breastmilk? Will she poo and pee everywhere?

Yesterday night I was looking into the mirror and I thought my tummy look ‘imbalance’, with one side bigger than the other side. Read from the Dumex leftlet that by 16 weeks baby can be up to 12cm, I imagine bb is big enough to lean on one side and make my right tummy looks bigger, and break into laughter :p

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