Our 2015 : Day 121

It’s Labour Day.

But it’s also a tiring day.

Afternoon meet EA, And, Daniel, Jan & ZQ & 2 babies for lunch and break.

After that, go to SGH to visit Gary’s dad. He had been hospitalised for 3 days but today then I finally can go over. Initially they are worried that he got stomach flu, so keep asking me not to go as it is contiguous… but after they found out it’s due to low sodium level, they finally let me go and visit him.

But half way through the visiting I suddenly feel very tired, and had to sit down. Once I sat down, I feel a bit of ‘blurring effect’, that everything suddenly quiet down for a second or so, but quickly recovered. 🙂

After the visiting, we join Gary’s mum and sis for dinner, the claypot rice is nice, I had not ate claypot rice for a long time and I feel like having more after 2 bowls of rice but decided against it, because I do not want to feel the over bloated feeling again. Unfortunately, I still experience it and have to drink some lemon juice. Luckily, homemade lemon juice is healthy, so I feel less sinful.

P/S: Jan asked me why I didn’t announced my pregnancy to the girls, but it feel weird… and I thought they should know, or at least will ask, but seem like they didn’t… so I leave it as it is… 😛

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