Our 2015 : Day 118

And I thought the only worrying thing is about the education of my kid.

For years I had been thinking if I have a kid, how should I bring him/her up? Should I give my kid the best? Should I send my kid to all type of courses, hopefully my kid will get to expose to different things and in turn can develop a talent for something, unlike the talent-less mum, who is good at nothing.

Yet these few months I finally realised, the education actually starts from pregnancy, and started with the mum and dad. Gary and I have been looking at all sorts of YouTube video, trying to understand the baby growth from a sperm into a life which we can hold on our hand, we bought a book, and sign up, ‘selling’ our information to all sort of companies in order to exchange for some magazines, and freebies, which might be useful to the mum and baby. Unfortunately for the dad, his can only learn how a woman behave during pregnancy, paying for the medical checkup, learning about maternity wears, and spent on lot of expensive food which his hungry pregnant wife is craving for…

Yesterday, I ask the girls which pump is good, and got amazed at the different products out there.

Have to admit since my whatsapp contacts starts turning from hanging out kakis to busy mother one by one, I was fed with loads of ‘mother information’ which I usually conveniently ignored. But I did pick up information like breastfeeding is good, once we go back to office after maternity leave, we need to pump the breastmilk or we will feel ‘painful’… but that’s about all I know about, keyword = pump.

It’s only when I ask the girls, then I realised there are pumps out there which is very small, there are every products like ‘Freemie’ which helps a mum to pump breastmilk easily and discreetly, so she can continue to work at her desk with both hand, and manage to finish her ‘task’ on time.

Out of curiosity of how Freemie really works, I went to YouTube to check again, feel a bit amaze at the different type of pumps – manual and electric versions, big and small one… and got a bit embarrassed when I saw a mother actually not mind to show us on how the pump works with… and show her tits… really is learning something new everyday =)

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