Our 2015 : Day 115

It’s a fulfilling day.

We have ‘achieved’ a lot this Saturday compare to the past few Saturday ever since I get knocked down by the ‘pregnancy slackness’.

We managed to pull ourselves up to meet BE & Des + Danzel + Des’s dad for breakfast.

We managed to put ourselves under the waiting list for the infant care near our block. I just learned a new system. In order to place a kid into a childcare easier, we should put them into the infant care when they are young, so when they are old enough to ‘promote’ to childcare, the infant care kids will have a much higher priority.

We managed to meet the chatty confinement lady and place a deposit with her to ‘book’ her. She seems as friendly over the phone. And the hubby of the current couple who engaged her, happened to see us at the ground floor of their flat, jokingly recommend her out loud saying ‘She is good lah, can take’, sort of boast my confidence.

We managed to shop for more maternity wear, 2 shorts and 2 dress, to cater for the growing bump.

After the long way home, we also managed to cook dinner. Although the master chef is you, I did help out a bit hor, so don’t complain I lazy~

It’s so good to have back a bit of my energy. I wish this can last as long as possible.

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