Our 2015 : Day 109

Very very hot day.

Today is parents day. After visiting your parent, we went to my parent’s house.

I still feel a bit guilty that I can’t hit the “target” thus I carefully avoid the gender topic at your place, but I reveal it to my family.

Somehow, I feel that you still holding on to the 1% chances that our little princess might be a little prince (Haha. Actually I did imagined I saw something sticking out in one of our previous scans). Anyway, the more I think of my little princess, the more I gain my inner peace. No matter how, parents always need to accept their kids before others can accept them. And I believe with enough TLC, whether is little prince or little princess, our kid will be someone who is strong, kind, loving and caring.

Today’s your dad share an article with us, it says we are supposed to shine some lights to our little one every now and then, it sounds a bit ridiculous, but maybe I shall try it some day?

Eat till very full, and I have the feeling I want to vomit again. It’s funny that most people around me vomit like mad with their little princess – our mums, JL… and dunno who 😛 No wonder everyone thought we might have a little prince coming along the way.

Anyway, time to do some planning. I do not wish to repeat the regret I have for my wedding. I was so caught up with my work I left almost 70% of the planning for you to do :(, and I even screwed up the 30%.

What’s next?

  • Settle for a confinement lady
  • Settle for a nanny/infant care – your mum is open to the option to help us to take care of the baby, but I still wish to have a backup plan
  • Look out for maternity shoot? 😛
  • Check for budget diaper bag, good pump before end of May
  • Research for proper baby cot, budget maternity wear
  • Research for DIY baby shower items, plan for a sweet baby shower

What else?


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