Our 2015 : Day 106

Today, we finally got the test result. After almost 2 weeks of panic waiting, I finally heard the answer I wish to hear so much. Low risk.

Of course, low risk is not no risk, but I still wish the best for the little princess… aka 小胖妞. Haha.

She is not fat at all actually, but because the mother is gaining weight at the rate of how the mrt is increasing the fare… she become 胖妈妈名下的小胖妞.

Regardless, still love her. Wish she can sayang mummy a bit and let us have a good sleep.

The last round, she is a bit ‘noti’, making fun of the nurses and docs who make her wait for long hours at the clinic – bouncing non-stop so doc can’t have a proper view of her. Hope she will not behave like that after she pop out. 小胖妞, be good and let’s enjoy the ‘bonding’ days together more…

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