We @ Bliss house

We @ Bliss house… need a horse to bring us to our happy-ever-after land~

I was told the atmosphere there is cosy and romantic but the food is average, thus I never requested Gary to bring me there.

But since he decided that we shall ‘rot’ at our own house on New Year day, we probably should spent a ‘romantic night’ out on New Year Eve, thus he suggested to go Bliss House – where I would not resist.

The place is really beautiful, and we even tempted to book the place for our bridal shots, but $200 for a venue without food and just for 1-2 hours shoot at a weekday afternoon (between 3-5pm) … If I tell Bliss house I am a armature blogger, will they sponsor me the venue? LOL…

Anyway, the service there is pretty decent, only bad thing is although a few of them know we are struggling to earn the 15% discount to ‘Like’ and ‘Friend’ the restaurant, and helpfully assisted us on that, none of them remind us to show them our  ‘Like’ and ‘Friend’ and thus we end up paying the full price 🙁


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