Our 2015: Day 1

Happy New Year!!! Let’s welcome 2015 with big applause!!

Didn’t sleep well last night, guess the ‘back-to-work-anxiety’ have already started to kick in.
The day is pretty a lets-treasure-every-moment day… when we both do our own things before we started to get busy, e.g. watching the movies we like – separately on TV and on lappy.

The day is cloudy and it makes me feel more lazy.

The first lunch of 2015 started with a instant lunch, top it up with a bit of nutrition by adding eggs and tomato (ever since he watched the show that tomato helps to fight against cancer virus, I think he seems more open to have tomato around).

Before dinner he insist that we should be healthier this year, so we had a short jog around our flat – I am lazy enough to refuse to moved after 1.5 rounds, he had been ensure that he completed his two rounds.

Finally tomorrow is another working day after my long break. Hello Work, Good-bye sofa!

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