Auntie life begins…. 10th day of marriage

Gary is back to work today!

We managed to squeeze through the super crowded LRT and then the MRT. Can tell that he is not used to fighting space in MRT. He got squeezed away from me till we almost reach the destination. Poor hubby, you will have a lot to get use to… Singaporean are all warriors, it’s time you stand up for Singapore (MRT) and fight your way in and out! 加油!

Have no leave office early when I know dad can be discharged. I will never want him to go through what mum had experienced last time. I was dumb to let her stay in ward C at CGH then… I can never forget the doc chase her out cos they run out of bed (on the previous day they were still telling us her condition need at least another few days to recover to be discharge and the next day afternoon they suddenly call to say she need to be discharge on the same day). Anyway, a bit upset that there are still no concrete result but… life goes on.

Sent parents back home and after work, Gary drop by to visit dad and we have dinner together. Thanks for dropping by. *HUGS*


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