Auntie life begins…. 7th day of marriage

It’s just another day when we wake up feeling hot (yes, no air con because he is sick)…
It’s quite noisy on a Saturday morning as the construction of the school is conducted quite early.

Wanted to escort him to see doc but our tiling contractor came at the same time, so Gary is now a very independent husband… Trained by circumstances.

The TV and washing machine is here, except we do not have the don’t-know-what cable so we can’t watch tv, and no bamboo pole for us to hang the clothing. Luckily our OpenNet is here today too so I managed to view some YouTube videos online.

Have to recommend the service of Goh Ah Bee – our washing machine seller. The delivery guy send us our item with a smile and patiently give us a quick guide on how to operate the machine. Super contrast with our experience with IKEA, comparable is the Serta delivery guy  who also give us some standard advice of what to take note with a smile (feeling lucky over these experiences).

Went home to pick up my covered shoes and some stuffs (yes, I had been went to work the past two days in my sandals), but something happened so I am now in hospital with dad and bro.

Hope everything goes well and all is fine. And hope dad will cut down on his bad habit after he got discharged. *hugs*

P/S: 亲爱的老公,对不起,又让你练习独立了。谢谢你的谅解和关爱。

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