Auntie life begins…. 2nd day of marriage

We had a complimentary night at Holiday Inn Atrium but unfortunately we didn’t fully utilised the facilities and services.

2nd day of wedding means we do not have any excuses to put off the home preparation due to wedding preparation, so we have been running around to do errands like getting household appliances from Courts Mega store and our expected short-term furniture from IKEA.

Was surprised on the hiccups we encountered at Courts.

What happened is: we bought a few items, include 2 chairs and a vacuum cleaner which are on sales. Because the amount add up to quite significant in my context, so I just briefly scanned through the receipts before I leave the counter… but guess what?! I saw the chairs that are supposed to add up to $24 become a $29.80, I remember we got these chairs as they are slightly cheaper than the other design we are initially wanting to buy, so I asked the staff to confirm if I have bad eyesight. While one of the staffs went to check out the price for us, I realised the vacuum cleaner is also more expensive than the prices I expecting by $30!

While waiting for the staff to double check on the pricing for all the items we had purchase, the cashier auntie begins to grumble to me. She told me that there are some items under promotions which were not keyed into the system and thus they often need to manually check out the promotion pricing and adjust manually! OMG! I’m not too sure if there are a lot of careless people like me, but I believed there will surely have some customer who didn’t bother to check the receipt before they left the counter…

So yah, now I am aware that Courts promotions are not centralised updated into their system, and there is a high risk that we will get to pay the normal price instead of promotion price due to this, I will need to set a mental note to myself to be careful when I make my purchase with Courts in future.Frankly speaking, it’s not right or wrong or bad customer service, it’s just misuse of technology and not making it helps people’s life easier, so I guess I will not penalised them 😛

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