Auntie life begins…. 3rd day of marriage

Today is our 3rd day of marriage… what are we busy with?

Morning – Wake up, rushed for our buffet brunch, and we went back to the new house to wait for our IKEA delivery.

Do you know: That IKEA delivery service is *****:

We are told that our weekday delivery service is limited to 10am-2pm, we cannot specify to shift it to timing like 10-12 or 12-2pm… this makes the customer need to ensure they allocate the 4 hours at home waiting for the delivery service. 🙁

We are told to sign off the delivery once they finished carrying the item into our house. Gary wants to open out the carton boxes to check the items but we were told we shouldn’t waste their time and if there’s any problem, we shall just sent the item back to IKEA to follow up….

Gary’s thought: where got people get delivery service and sign off without checking.

My thought: if the items are so bulky that we need delivery service to send it to our house, is IKEA expecting us to get delivery service (which cost $55) to send it back to them for complaints and delivery service(which cost another $55) to send the correct items back to us if they sent us the wrong item/defect items??

Was never a big fan of IKEA furniture (only like the design and concept but never trust the materials), and guess, I will never be one after this incident 🙁

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