Filling up our love nest

Today is a tiring Sunday, our last single Sunday is unimaginably tiring @_@

Today’s our schedule is as per:

  • CF:Dye hair (late by a week :(… hope the color get fine by the actual day)
    Gary: working on montage for 1st March in
  • Checking out SK love nest renovation progress
  • Go Royal Franco get outstanding love nest items
  • Go Plaza Singapura look for furniture + Brother’s top + quilt cover
  • Go Funan look for furniture

Finally went to Royal Fanco to get the last few outstanding items, including:

  • Master bedroom bathroom 707 Heater
  • Common bathroom Mirror
  • Some of the bathroom stuff are out of stocks so we need to replace them, luckily we are not too fussy and managed to find a replacement.

As of today, we are relieve that we at least got the following:

  • Television from Harvey Norman (managed to get cheaper rate @ IT Fair 2014)
  • Washing Machine from Goh Ah Bee
  • Full leather Sofa from Harvey Norman (managed to get cheaper rate @ Sales)
  • Refrigerator from Goh Ah Bee
  • Hob & Hood from Goh Ah Bee
  • Dining Chair/Study room chair (have not decided)
  • Mattress from Serta (managed to get cheaper rate @ Furniture Fair 2014)
  • Bed frame from Serta (managed to get cheaper rate because we bought the Serta Mattress)
  • All bathroom items from Royal Fanco
  • Mitsubishi Aircon from Maju Systems Service (was recommended by my mum)

Shopping list for next few days:

  • Dining table
  • Study room table (must be big enough for us and the printer to sit)
  • Coffee table

Thanks to our family contribution, we also got some ‘smaller’ items to help complete our love nest. Appreciate.

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