Guo Da Li day – cakes delivered! 过大礼之日 – 囍糕送到!

Because our wedding cakes do not contain any preservatives, and we have only a ‘small’ fridge, we need to give out the cakes on the same day. Fortunately, mum did a good job in her planning for this, so we sent out the cakes within less than 3 hours. *hug*


Wedding cake

Sweet? The cakes are from Have to credit them for the good customer services and nice photo editing on the customised card. Once Gary send them our photo, they responded with a “mock up”(sample image on how the card will looks like) pretty soon and no changes required. Not sure if it’s due to dealing with the album designer from French wedding, I find dealing with Sweetest Moments a brisk. 🙂


The arrow is where my little customised card is. Nice? Thanks Gary for deciding to get from them although we have cheaper alternatives. Feel happy when mum told us others like the sweet design of the cake and box. Lol.

Personally I think the cakes are soft and not too sweet like the traditional ‘cakes’, and would highly recommend it to others. Some ‘traditional cakes’ just keep the sweetness level high to signified the ‘甜甜蜜蜜’ but end up its too sweet to consume, but this set, the sweetness mainly comes from the look with suitable level of sweetness for the taste. :p

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