Auntie… and more (Story of Toilet – part 2)

And after some ‘researching’ (which still leave me confused), we went ahead to the recommended store Royal Fanco in Jalan Besar to do our new house purchase. The store is so small it’s easily hidden and yes… I missed it although I passed by it (I’m at the opposite street).

The small little shop is really… “small”, unfortunately, the boss himself – Henry, is not very small and with the narrow path, Gary and I need to keep making ways for other customers and the boss himself =X

I quite like the fact the he didn’t advice us to get the more expensive brands and always show us the “sample” product as long as it is accessible, e.g. for the sink we got, he had open and sealed don’t know how many time within the few hours we are in the store (Not sure if I like the idea of my purchase to get touched by all the customer who request to see it though). But it’s good to be able to feel and touch on the items before we actually make the purchase. He seem to be very well knowledgeable on the wide variety of items he sell and it sort of give me a bit more assurance. I’m glad he is very patient to us and our noob questions.

Since we feel that we didn’t do a lot of research, we still buy quite a few items:

  • Kitchen Sink – 550mm Otto sink
  • Kitchen tap
  • Common bathroom sink – 450mm Otto sink
  • Common bathroom tap
  • Common bathroom toilet bowl

    Common Bathroom Toilet Bowl

    Common Bathroom Toilet Bowl

  • Common bathroom instant water heater – 707 compact

Got the toilet bow due to it’s Geberit flushing system, to be frank, I am still not very unsure of what is the benefits of it other than water saving, it’s supposed to have a better flushing system but there’s no way I can “test it out”. Got a one piece one for easier cleaning purpose, and of course, the smaller size is friendly to our little common bathroom.

Items looks cheap to me when we are getting the items individually, especially the sink + toilet bowl set which cost us around $420? But after calculating the amount, it ends up as $1100 (he allows us to split the free delivery into 2 times, and without extra cost on top of our purchase)! *Heartache* We are asked to make deposit which is almost 50% of the full amount, which can be made via cash or NETS. Might consider another trip down after we do more research.

Royal Fanco
131 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208849
Tel: 6299 0543


p/s: After the trip we went to Kovan to pay the famous “Goh Ah Bee” a visit and I shall blog it after I catch some sleep 😛

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