Auntie… and more (Story of Toilet)

And so I feel like the “auntie”…

Before I know anything, my life is full of mummy friends and all my questions are surrounded among wedding, housing, and… wedding, housing…

Gosh, never did I think so much of a toilet bowl.

At home I am so lucky, I just use the toilet bowl, dirty it, and poor mum have to do the cleaning every week. (Anyone have reliable part-time cleaner to introduce? Really wish to off load her a bit)

But guess what? With the new house, we have 2 toilet bowl to source for… and I nearly fainted when I read that one little TOTO toilet bowl can cost $700++ =.=”… see below for our ideal toilet bowl design (sound weird, but we like the design lah! :P)

Nice looking toilet bowl, but SGD$1,000+?

Nice looking toilet bowl, but SGD$1,000+?

And there is so many complicated type of flushing system:

  • Pressure-Assisted Flush System: Pressurized air forces water into the bowl when flushed, reducing the chance for clogs. This system is noisy, expensive and may require costly maintenance. (OUT for us!)
  • Gravity-Flush System: The most common and simplest system, it uses the water weight to generate flushing pressure. The pressure forces everything from the tank into the bowl and through the S-shaped trapway. A siphoning action completes the flush. This flushing system is quieter and requires less maintenance than a pressure-assisted flushing system.
  • Dual Flush: This is a relatively new system for saving water without sacrificing efficiency. There are two flushing options for a full or partial flush (ex. 1.6 gallon flush and 1.1 gallons per flush).
  • Waterless Toilets: Where water or plumbing is not available or when portability is required, a self-contained waterless unit is an option. @_@

And then there are One piece toilet VS One piece toilet, Close coupled toilet Vs Wall hung!

Why is life of shopping for a toilet bowl so complicated?


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