One down!

Ok… hope I won’t regret. One item down… first time spent so much on a pair of lady shoe which I will probably only wear once, SGD$96.60 despite having 30% off for GSS… realised I am vain afterall….

Is it too small?
Is it too high?
Will I feel comfortable?
Heard we are no supposed to remove the shoe during the ceremony, can I survive through with this pair of shoe?


One down! Got my wedding shoe... but it is worth it?

One down! Got my wedding shoe… but it is worth it?

P/s: My legs really are very ugly 🙁


  1. JL says:

    Pretty… And yes, most probably you will only wear once. Haha.. My was over hundred and still collecting dust. Nvm la.. Spending for the most important day in your life is worth it.

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