You have decided to get an ID for our first live nest – the safer approach in your opinion.

I wish we can do something like what EA and D   can do for their house. Unfortunately, although we are theoretically less busy than them, we are in reality having lesser time and resources compared to them too.

Blame it on my lack of capabilities to manage the project and finish it on time, every weekend I can NOT relax and feel guilty that I might “get caught” not working hard. I know even if I insist I wanted to run everything by myself, my statement will be too weak – if I can’t even handle something which I’m seeing day in day out for the past x years, how can I handle a project which I am totally noob at?

I wish I will not be missing a lot of our life events because of this type of situations – I’m still feeling guilty that I didn’t put in enough time to care for my love ones.

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