Learning more about renovation

Glad I choose to go disturb EA over work (not that I want to be lazy or put work as lower priority, but… I think on the day I came back I have decided that I need more than work).

Reminded once again that the house is for me and Gary and not for our dear family and friends, everyone can contribute their ideas but we need to ensure it suits our lifestyle… In fact, although I admire EA’s talent for interior design and D’s knowledge on renovation, we will most likely still be going ahead with some of the stuff we have initially plan to use for our love nest, e.g. I guess I will still go for my Quartz counter top instead of granite. :X

I am super thrill with EA’s grill-less windows but Gary have his concern so I guess I need to sadly compromised for this.

EA shared that due to their busy work life, it’s hard to go down to look after the contractor’s job everyday (this makes me super admire A&J’s perseverance of daily routine to checkout their house). Instead, she suggested that we can drop by like twice a week, preferably mid-week and Sat, and certain important milestone date. Initially I thought we should be around when the contractors will be hacking the tiles, EA told me this is not necessary, instead, we should make sure that we are around when they are working on things that need decision like – how tall is the skirting (Oh mine! It’s till today I finally know what is a skirting!), what is the difference in height for the tiling between rooms, etc… I think these make senses.

Also, they shared with us on the choosing of colors of paints and etc… And yah, haha, I have send in a request to get Dulux Colour Inspiration 2014 book from: http://www.duluxservices.com.sg/colour-inspiration.jsp

I glad I have intellectual friends around, and smarter-than-me-hubby-to-be, 🙂 Feel so loved to be flooded with information without needing to drown myself in Google all the time. 🙂



P/S: As I was searching for more information on contractor I came across this site: http://renosave.blogspot.sg/. The author sort of validate D’s sharing that we need to look at the bigger piece of laminates in factor/distributors instead of looking at the catalog with small pieces of samples.


  1. JL says:

    If you haven’t choose tiles, try to choose tiles that are more textured. Especially for the kitchen and toilet. Mine are killing me. Dunno fall how many times le T.T

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