Busy Busy

Another 104 days to our big day, what are we busy with?

  • Finalizing on the guest list – we are so near and yet so far – both our parents can only assume the headcount instead of checking with the guest as it is “rude” if we ask too much.
  • Checking around and talk to Interior designers for our love nest – we gained some ideas/knowledge but we lost some time, every discussion means at least 1 hr gone/per session, and just the arrangement to meet up eat into our OT time (how Singaporeans can we get?) and dinner time
  • Shopping around for our love nest furniture… and etc… budgeting is important as we have a practical (Gary) and tight budget(CF)…. CF is the one who wanted something of good quality, practical and nice looking design (which mean super exp!) and stingy one…

Things we haven’t even started…

  • 过大礼:Nothing can be finalized yet as well… but I think we should be able to solved it by going to Chinatown to get a standard set + check out the “Market rate” for the 3 ang baos – betrothal gift money 聘金, Pig trotter can replacement, money to the Bride’s mother
  • Food Tasting: Since we are a pair of typical “busy” Singaporeans, we need to make arrangement for food tasting on weekend… one requests to remember – we need to top up to 8 dishes.
  • Confirm our ROM timing… the JP have something on for the day and after listening to our lunch banquet plan, he suggested us to have the ROM after our first march in… @_@. Seriously I cannot imagine people eating till mouth full of food half way need to listen to our ROM ceremony, but it’s up for us to arrange

Our life project is as complicated as our work project… at times I will complain to Gary that I dread this and dread that, luckily he is patient enough to listen to my whining and comfort me (not sure if he really wanted to, but he still did lah :X)

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