Finally finished….

Finally finished my craft session

Finally finished my craft session

Finally finished tying the ribbons.
But I think I worked too hard.
Unfortunately, having mainly TRADITIONAL MALAYSIAN relatives, I am unable to give out most of these invitation cards.

Do you know that for MALAYSIAN, in a wedding invitation card, you are supposed to invite the WHOLE FAMILY, you can’t invite just MR & MRS. XXX. And even if a couple’s partner passed away, you must auto appoint their eldest kids to go along with them. Apparently it is RUDE to invite just a person to the wedding, makes me wonder how do the people invite a single, or a married person whom do not have any kid and whose partner passed away. Thus, it’s unlikely there can be a banquet that is less than 30 tables. (ok, maybe only my family do this. ARGHHHHHHH)

Ok… have to admit I also experienced a horrible cultural shock after listening these from my parents and relatives, I think I am too Singaporeans. And I think I am someone who like to simplify things too much.

How I wish I would have married someone else in New Zealand last year, just go to some where with nice scenery and sign a cert and tadah~ I’m married! 😛

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