Examples of Renovation Not Allowed

Extracted from HDB website (http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10324p.nsf/w/HomeRenoNotAllow), only list few of them which we need to know.

  • Hacking and removal of structural members such as reinforced concrete wall, columns, beams, slabs, staircases within maisonette flats, etc.
  • Excessive overloading of the floor slab with a load greater than 150 kg for every metre square of floor area.
  • Plastering of ceilings.
  • Partitioning with combustible or toxic emission materials (e.g. plywood, plastics, asbestos etc.)
  • Raising of floor level exceeding the allowable thickness of 50mm (inclusive of floor tiles) using concrete.
  • Extending floor area by covering over void areas (e.g. covering over void areas within maisonette flats)
  • Constructing water tank in bathroom except ready-made (e.g. fibreglass) bathtub.
  • Painting external part of building (e.g. common corridor walls and ceilings)
  • Installing awning or other fixtures outside flat. T_T
  • Installing casement windows where flat’s fa├žade is facing common corridor.
  • Laying floor finishes outside entrance door without having recess area or step.
  • Replacement of full height windows or 3/4 height windows or bay windows.
  • Removal or tampering of safety railings/grilles (internal & external) originally provided by HDB/Developers installed in the flat and/or at sold recess area.
  • Removal or tampering of safety railings/grilles (internal & external) installed in the flat and/or at Full Height Windows (including 3/4 height and bay windows located at Utility Room, Space Adding Item) during the Main Upgrading Programme (MUP).
  • Partial or total enclosure including installation of external grilles on air-conditioner ledge.
  • Partial or total enclosure including installation of solid metal external grilles at planter box. No permanent sealing of planter box.
  • Installation of overhead grilles (ie. caging up) at interaction balcony.
  • Change of use of planter box and air-conditioner ledge.
  • Placement of reflective film (exceeding 20% reflectance) over existing window’s glass panel.
  • Removal or replacement of sliding door different from original provision at balcony where windows installation is not allowed.
  • Removal of pitched roof ceiling (be it partially or fully) at topmost floor unit as it is part of the building’s roof system.

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